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Debbie Mostel creates jewelry, sculptures, and paintings.

She uses a variety of mediums such as hand-blown glass, cut crystals, feathers, metal, and recycled objects.

She is a Science-based artist/designer who sees wonder in every drop of water and behind every blade of grass.

Her work is inspired by nature, love, beauty, pain, sexuality, and motherhood.


You can browse her artwork for sale under Artwork or contact her for a commission through the Contact page.

The Hearts of Mirasol Foundation Sculpture

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Building Video
The Story
Sculpture Video
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The Building Of The Hearts Of Mirasol 

   The Story Of Hearts Of Mirasol Foundation Sculpture

Connecting the resources of the Mirasol Community with the unmet needs of our Palm Beach County neighbors. 



The Mirasol Foundation, Inc. is a volunteer charitable organization established, directed, and supported by the residents of Mirasol in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. The mission of the Mirasol Foundation, Inc. is to raise, administer, and distribute funds to civic, cultural, educational, social, and health-related non-profit, section 501(C)(3) organizations in Palm Beach Country and surrounding communities.







This fundraising campaign was formed to contribute to the foundation's goal to support the unmet needs of their Palm Beach County Neighbors. The Sculpture raised over 200K to benefit the foundation. Not only were the members left with a spectacular piece of art on permanent display in the entrance to their clubhouse, but a physical legacy of their generosity and inspiration for further endeavors.


Debbie was chosen, with the help of The Palm Beach Cultural Council, from many applicants, by Valerie Crosson, the Director of Fundraising Chair for The Hearts of Mirasol Foundation Sculpture (HMFS). Ms. Crosson wanted a piece of Art that reflected the Heart of the residents, uniting to give back to their Palm Beach County neighbors in need. Valerie is well known for her efforts in bringing forth the famous Unicef Snowflake that hangs over 57th and 5th in Manhattan. The snowflake was created from 16,000 Baccarat crystals and illuminates that prestigious part of the city every Holiday season.


The Hearts of Mirasol Foundation Sculpture (HMFS) has a total of 850 Clear Swarovski and Czech cut crystal hearts. Most form the EKG illuminated on the lower 1/2 of the piece that represents the heartbeat of the Mirasol community. The rest of the hearts hang off of the Tree of Life/Ocean Wave nourishing garden which is our souls. Scattered throughout are 26 iridescent hearts representing the higher level donors to the piece and in the center, one very special light blue heart to symbolize the management and staff.


The organ that the human being needs to feel love, caring, gratitude, and hope is the heart.


The Gallery Of The Hearts Of Mirasol 

Video Of The Hearts Of Mirasol Sculpture

Preview Of The Next Sculpture

White Horses.jpg

This is the first phase of the White Horse Sculpture. It will be created with similar techniques and materials as The Hearts Of Mirasol Sculpture and will be 3 1/2 feet wide By 4 feet tall. 


Updates to follow.

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The Next Sculpture
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