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The Hearts Of Mirasol Foundation Sculpture

Connecting the resources of the Mirasol Community with the unmet needs of our Palm Beach County neighbors. 



The Mirasol Foundation, Inc. is a volunteer charitable organization established, directed, and supported by the residents of Mirasol in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. The mission of the Mirasol Foundation, Inc. is to raise, administer, and distribute funds to civic, cultural, educational, social, and health-related non-profit, section 501(C)(3) organizations in Palm Beach Country and surrounding communities.









The Hearts Of Mirasol Sculpture was created as a fundraising campaign to contribute to the foundation's goal to support the unmet needs of the Mirasol communities Palm beach neighbors.  The Hearts of Mirasol Foundation Sculpture raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to benefit the foundation. 

Debbie Mostel was chosen among many applicants to make the vision come to fruition by Valerie Crosson the Director Of Fundraising Chair of the Hearts Of Mirasol Campaign.  The 750 hanging Swarovski and Czechoslovakian cut crystal hearts in the form of an EKG represent the heartbeat of the community.  Debbie created a 6' ft wide 16 'in deep and 8' ft high sculpture. It features a dramatic 5'ft high five layers deep tree blowing in the wind, forming the crest of a Florida ocean wave. 


The tree sits in a garden where 149 hand-blown nautilus shapes emerge like crocus flowers in early spring.  Each heart represents a donor to the foundation and the beautiful EKG heartbeat.


Scattered throughout are 26 iridescent hearts that represent the higher-level donors to the foundation and one very special light blue heart that represents the management and staff.

The organ that the human being needs to feel love, caring, gratitude, and hope is the heart.


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